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eQuoo: Emotional Fitness Game

Level Up Your Apprenticeships

You give them the practical skills they need for work - with eQuoo, your apprentices and employees can build the resilience and mental wellbeing skills that will help them level up in work – and in life. 

  • Resilience

  • Productivity

  • Adaptability

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Mentor their mindset

eQuoo helps your rising stars shine their brightest

With eQuoo – the only gamified mental health app – you can help your apprentices and young employees by arming them with the mental and emotional skills to excel in their work.


Backed by the Resilience Research Centre Canada, eQuoo has been clinically proven to increase resilience, productivity and actively reduce absenteeism. The value of providing this kind of innovation to your apprenticeships and to your staff is endless – not just your apprentices and employees, but to your business too. 

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eQuoo features

How eQuoo works for your Apprentices & Employees

eQuoo helps your apprentices and employees gain a better understanding of emotions and effective communication through gameplay. The tips and tricks they learn while they navigate the game build resilience, boost relationship skills and advance personal development, while lowering anxiety and depression.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does eQuoo work?

Yes. eQuoo was tested in a clinical trial and was proven to significantly raise resilience, interpersonal relationship skills and personal growth, while lowering anxiety. An ongoing trial with UCL is testing the effects eQuoo has on depression.

Will my apprentice want to use eQuoo?

92% of our young adults in the workforce take up using eQuoo. The game was specifically made with the needs and consumer habits of young adults aged 16 – 35 in mind, 70% of whom are casual gamers. Conventional digital mental health solutions often don’t work because they’re dropped after 2 minutes – believe us, we learned the hard way. We made mental health fun, yet effective.

Do I have to do anything?

No. After you give your apprentice or staff member access to the game, you’re done – we do all the work. We have regularly scheduled reminders, notifications and emails that accompany the game. Now you just have to watch your apprentice grow.

Won’t a game distract from work?

Sometimes we all need a break, and an apprentice may take a breather and use eQuoo, but the sessions are no longer than 15 – 20 minutes a week. Worst case is that you lose a few minutes of the day. But it’s better than them being on Snapchat or TikTok – they’ll be actively working on their mental wellbeing which gives them the tools to be better employees.

What is Resilience, and why is it important?

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adverse situations like family stress, job stress, heartache and many more things that apprentices and employees struggle with on a daily basis. Being resilient means they have the psychological toolset to react in a mentally healthy way – it’s doesn’t mean they won’t suffer, but it makes it highly unlikely that they will get sick. Resilience is the biggest factor in the prevention of developing a mental illness.

And you can teach Resilience in a game?

Yes; playful learning is actually the oldest way to learn, and by far the most efficient – something learned playfully is embedded in memory forever. Thankfully, resilience can be learned quite easily, and these skills are taught as a tutorial and then practiced in the adventure part of the game.

How do I share eQuoo with my apprentices?

We will be sending you a link that gives you access to the licences you bought. You can distribute this link via text message or email. Upon request, we can also send you the link as a QR code to print. We also have a multitude of aditional options like posters, flyers and bike saddle covers – ask us for more info.

What if I want to run a campaign?

We’d love to support you, we have a lot of experience and ideas, so please contact us at or fill in the contact form below and we’ll help you.

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Build Resilience

Employees with higher levels of resilience feel and perform better. They are 20% less likely to suffer from depression, be absent from work or have dips in productivity.

Boost Relationships

Perceived negative interpersonal relationships in the workplace contribute to up to 25% of annual absenteeism. Positive relationships at work have a significant impact on job satisfaction, skill development and use, staff turnover, workplace morale, absenteeism and quality of life.

Advance Personal Growth

80% of young adults between the ages of 16 and 34 believe that an emphasis on personal growth is the most important feature of a company’s culture. Today, 69% of young professionals aspire to be leaders in the next five years.

Lower Anxiety & Depression

Depression is alongside anxiety as the world’s most prevalent mental illness. Symptoms of depression, such as lack of drive, motivation, energy and the sense of emptiness make depression a real threat to any workplace that relies on the performance and engagement of their employees’ talent. Anxiety is accompanied by symptoms like the inability to focus, irritability and focus on the experience of fear – all which have a huge negative effect on productivity and job satisfaction.

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